March 7, 2021


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Bad Boy Romance Episode 100 Epilogue

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🚫Bad Boy Romance🚫
Episode 100
(Epilogue—A happy ever after??)
Four Years Later❤️
Brody’s POV
‘Daddy look!!! It’s mommy!!!’…Uriel screamed as soon as Payton took the podium.It’s been four good years,four freaking yes we’ve been together and also blessed with the most beautiful daughter I could ask for.With the help of my mom Payton was taken care of while pregnant while i went back to school to complete my studies even though against it I just had no other choice..
She went into labor just the exact time of my birthday and luckily I by her side throughout,it wasn’t easy judging from the fact that i was panicking as she pushed Uriel out but in two hours our baby girl was ready.Almost everyone in school came to show support—Serani,Trevor,Nicole,Cooper,Chase,Evan and even Chase who had been released from jail…
It was the most wonderful thing to be honest,to become a father at a young age….
So when Uriel grew up a little bit Payton went back to school and I graduated with a surprisingly Second class Honors irrespective of GP in school..
And now it’s been four years and I’m here with my daughter at my girlfriend’s graduation ceremony…
‘Shhh Urie,let mommy talk’..I whispered into her ears and she giggled lightly .
‘Hey man you here with Urie??’..Evan said from behind me and I nodded passing my daughter over to him..
Even though He’s the most reckless person I’ve ever met He’s Uriel’s godfather and also a life saver when it comes to babysitting…
‘Uhmm Evan can I ask you a question??’…i asked..
‘What?? You’re ready to pop the question??’..He replied..
‘Wait how did you—
‘There’s a box showing in your pockets so it’s pretty obvious’..He cut in and I quickly grabbed the red velvet box in my pocket and shoved it into Uriel’s snack bag which i never forget..
‘Well you can pop —Ohh hey Payton’..He cut himself waving and I turned sharply .
‘Hey Evan,hey baby’..She replied..
‘Hey..’..I tried to say but she cornered reaching out to Uriel…
‘So I’m not your baby???’..i asked and she smiled..
‘Of course you are come here’..She replied and I kissed her softly…
‘Ooh they’re smooching all right’..
‘Okay I’m going I’m going!!’..He said and walked away with Uriel in his arms..
‘So you like my speech??’..She asked and I nipped at my bottom lip knowing that i didn’t even hear a thing…
‘Brody??’..She inquired further..
‘Yeah,yeah your speech was fantastic!!’..i implied and she laughed..
‘You’re such a terrible liar sometimes but I love you anyway’..She said linking her arms casually around my waist and i kissed her again..
‘So what do you say?? We go celebrate?? I know a very great hotel room’..I murmured..
‘Really?? That’s all you can think about??Sex??’..She replied..
‘Seeing you in that pastel jumpsuit?? That’s all I can think about dammit you’re sexy!!’…I screamed and carried her up in my arms and she screamed…
Yeah maybe i shouldn’t pop the question today..
Bad Boy??..
I’m Payton’s Bad Boy…
A happy ever after??..
A Forever Happy ever after..

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