March 5, 2021


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Sold To A Mafia S*x Lord Season 2 Episode 1

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🌺Sold to
A Mafia $*x Lord 🌷
[He drill your p*$$y till you beg for mercy]
Episode 1
By Adebayo dolapo
👙 Xander Merritt 👙
She wrapped her arms around my neck and deepening the kiss, and pressed her breast softly.
I pushed her slightly on the bed and get on top of her, I stared directly into her eyes, she nodded her head like she already knows why am waiting for.
With a full speed, I kiss her roughly while she moaned roughly, the kiss was so hot, that I had to stop, so that she could caught up her breath, without let her rest , I bend over to her V area.
I rolled my tongue up and down, feeling the huge to chew her V but it will be painful for her, I done licking her V, I grabbed her head and kiss her deeply though she’s not a good kisser.
I unzipped my trouser, and bring out my rod, she was staring at me.
Without any permission, I pulled her legs up and entered her @sshole, wow, I could see she was enjoying herself.
I continue drilling her, while she moaned loudly, it makes me to increase my speed I continue f**king her, till I felt myself ready to release, I released inside her V, she was very tired and weak, but am not tired.
” I entered her immediately, with a different style doggy style 🤣,”
“Yeah, faster “!!!!!!
“Oh my goodness”!!!
“Oh my f**k me harder”!!!!!
She moaned as I continue drilling her, that one of the hardest f**k have ever had.
“I removed my rod, and fell down on the bed, with her, I used the duvet to cover our nakedness, she was backing me probably shy and can’t look into my face.”
” Look into my eyes Nadine”.
I said softly, she turned around and hide under the duvet, come on look at me, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you again”.
I said while she nod her head.
“Nadine can you forgive me”.
“My Lord you didn’t do anything for me, she said and went on her kneel”.
” Nadine, I called and hug her from behind, and cried sliently”.
“It not my fault, I hurt you badly but if you’re ready to forgive me tell me”, with that I stood up sluggishly and walked out, crying profusely, I really hurt her, I hope she forgive and forget about it”.
❣️ Raymond Nadine ❣️
I felt my heart skip immediately, as he said those words to me, he really hurt me though .
What can I do now, because I don’t want him to be sad or angry at me.
Gosh,,,, I love the way he hold me and kiss me, his one of the guys that can make you speak in tongues when drilling you.
Such a bad guy and a hard d**k.
I said and smile lightly.
What can I do now.
💤💤💤 Evening 💤💤💤💤
I was done eating, just talking a nap.
I was watching everything happening out side through my window.
A lot of guards parading up and down…
“A Knock jolted me out, I opened the door and met Xander looking cute and handsome”.
Yeah, his very cute….
Pink lips……
Pointed 👃 nose…..
Gosh, I admire everything about him.
“Are you done starring Nadine”. I heard his muscular voice at my neck.
Huh, Am not starring at you ok.
I rushed out my words, while he stared at me wondering I could tell him suck.
“Am sorry my Lord” I said I’m mediately .
“Nadine, am not angry ok”.
“Dress up, wear a very sexy clothes and heels, we are going somewhere”.
He said with that and walked out.
What, where are we going, I asked nobody in particular.
I closed the door and walked back inside.
You people want the next episode today right .

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