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My Pregnant Wife Episode 23

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My Pregnant wife
Episode 23
Mandy’s POV:
I smiled as I walked out of the room, my hands on  my waist.
I climbed down the stairs to the sitting room and seeing them laugh so much in the dining angered me to the teeth.  HMPH.
“Mandy” the Mabel girl called as soon as she spotted me and I feigned a smile.
“finally changed your mind and decided to join us for dinner?” she asked
“nah. I’m just here for Leo” I replied as I stood behind Leo’s chair.
she arched a surprise brow
“come on, Leo” I need your help, please” I told him and he turned on his chair to look at me.
“huh? what help?” he asked
“come on. its in the room. come quickly” I said and tried walking away, but the witch’s voice stopped me.
“can’t you see he’s eating, Mandy? find another way” Becca said and I glared at her.
the nerves.
I wasn’t talking to you, okay? I was talking to my husband” I rolled my eyes and started walking away, expecting Leo to follow
and of course, He did
we climbed the stairs and got into the room and as soon as we did, he threw a million questions at me.
“seriously Mandy? what’s it this time around?” He asked and I sighed and sat on the bed.
“I just need some company. the baby needs some company” I replied with a yawn.
“Are you….Are you kidding me? what do you mean by company?” the scoffed, but I didn’t reply.
“come on, Mandy. you could easily watch some movies, or join us at dining table instead” He grumbled.
“I don’t wanna stay there, Leo. come on. I just…I just need some privacy. by the way, what’s she doing here?”
“you know who I’m talking about. your ex” I rolled my eyes.
“yeah. she…..”, He paused and itched his brows.
“She’ll be leaving soon. she’s just here for a project and needs a place to stay for the meantime”.
“And this is the only comfort zone she could find, huh?” I scoffed.
“Seriously Mandy? is she the reason you’re doing this? I’m damn hungry”.
“Well… I can make you something to eat, if you want” I shrugged and he look at me, suspiciously.
“you’re not…..joking, are you? what’re you talking about?” He scoffed.
“I’m a good cook, Leo. And I can cook right away” if you want-as long as you are keeping me company”.
“Now, I think I’m really interested” I cut him off and stood up.
“come with me. I need to make something to eat and will be needing your assistance. come on, Leo. Let’s go to kitchen”. I started towards the door.
“Leo! come on. I’m hungry. come on” I didn’t give him a chance to say anything as I walked out the door and he followed.
Betty’s POV:
Tears streamed down my cheeks as I held the phone in my ear, his words piercing into my heart and scaring the very life out of me.
“I told you, Davis. it wasn’t my fault. His wife suddenly showed up and ruined the moment” I whimpered, my voice shaking helplessly
“I don’t f**king care, Betty. We had a deal. And you know how angry I get when people disobey me” he roared and I nodded in tears, like he could see me.
I was so scared of that dangerous side of his.
“I’m…..I’m sorry. I’ll do it tomorrow – when he comes to the offices. please…..” I wept.
“Well, you had better been right. Else, I’m gonna kill you, Betty. And I mean it”.
And he ended the call while I fell on the bed, crying.
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