March 3, 2021


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Sold To A Mafia S*x Lord Episode 1

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🌺Sold to
A Mafia s*x Lord 🌷
[ He drill your p***y till you beg for mercy ]
Episode one
By Adebayo Dolapo
Han yun xi
” Dress up quickly girls, we need to move now before it dark” the madam Susan said grumpy as she continues chewing her gum.
” I groaned tiredly and pick the short mini grown which was given to us by Susan, I wore it and it fits my body perfect but shows my big boot and ass”.
I wore my 7 inches heels, and move to the mirror to pack up my hair in a messy bun, when I saw an angry look from my fellow.
” Meghan, she always gets jealous of me, she eye me and walked seductively to the other side of the room, I hissed slightly and continue with my hair”.
” I was done packing, it fits me perfectly which makes me look like a princess, I stared at the grown”.
A wow escape my damn mouth, because we’re not allowed to dress or go out before but now we’re going somewhere I hope it goes well.
” Suddenly, the door busted open and the guards walked inside and grabbed us forcefully pushing us”.
” Leave me, I whine like a baby, let me go”.
Will you shut the f**k.
” We’re pushed inside a bus, though we’re up to ten in numbers, I rest my head on the window and think about my life”.
Yeah, how I become a slave.
” I could remember the day, I was searching for work not until madam Susan said she’s will hire me as a maid, I was so happy not until she made me become a slave all of a sudden”.
” Am Han yun xi, a very pretty lady, sexy, with a long hair, lost my parents in a fatal accident”.
” The car drive inside a place which looks like a mission, it was soo big and classic building”.
“I was lost starring at me building not until a heavy slap landed on my face, I was shocked to the born, I looked up and it’s madam Susan”.
Will you move now.
She said cranky.
Hong Gil Dong
Oh myyyyy!!!!!!!.
My Lord harder!!!!!
What the f**k.
Yeah,,,, oh my goodness !!!!.
The bitch was speaking in tongues as I ride her in doggy style.
” I slammed my d**k at the entrance of her V, while she holds me hard pulling me to f**k her harder”.
” Without any hesitation, I penetrate deeply into her wide V area”.
She groaned in pain as I continue pounding in and out of her…
” Beg me to f**k you harder”.
My Lord f**k me harder.
She stuttered.
She was yelling in pain…
” I slapped her hard on her ugly chimpanzee face”.
My Lord please forgive my manners…
She yelled out when she couldn’t go with the flow again.
” I continue drilling her, till I felt myself ready to release in her mouth, I spit the semens in her mouth and face”.
She chewed it softly.
Bitch indeed!!!!!.
Leave now:.
” She was starring at me like a log of woods, I pick up my phone and called my guards to carry her out”.
Minutes later.
Sir there are a lot of ladies at cassiol…
My personal guards said as he kneel on his knees in front of my…
” Okay, inform Susan that they should wait for my arrival till they sold them out”.
Done my Lord…
He said softly and walked out.
I walked inside the bathroom slamming the door harder, I turned on the shower.
It was chill !!!
It was cool!!!!
I mean softly as the shower do some necessary on my damn head.
“It felt like f**king another bitch”.
To be continued guys.
Likes & comments guys..
By Adebayo Dolapo

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