March 2, 2021


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ONS With A Virgin Episode 10

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Chapter 10
Nancy’s POV
“I don’t get that sir.” I said. “Or do you mean I will work and you will pay the money that belongs to me to Jason?”
“Don’t see it that way. you need to know that without him, it’s impossible for you to be here today.” He replied.
“And how in the world is this place profitable to me? When I get to work and then someone takes all the profit.” I spilled angrily.
“That was the deal we made.” I said.
“Then, I’m not interested ” I said and stood, ready to leave.
The only thing in my mind is to get out of the company and run away to a far place where Mike will never get to see me anymore.
“Wait!” The man said and I paused. “I will pay you in cash personally.”
I walked close to him. “Why are you so interested in me working with you?”
“fine, you can leave then?” he said.
But no! his words has given me enough reason to stay. He already said he’d given me money in cash.
“How much are you giving me in cash?” I asked.
“$10,000” He said and set his gaze at me.
I stood still for few seconds, basically , he will be paying me $25,000 in total. He must be so rich but why?
Anyways, I will find out.
“Agreed.” I said and he gestured for me to sit.
“That table right there is yours, have this manual.” He said as he stretched a book to me.
I collected it slowly from him and went to sit at the table he had stretched his hand too.
“Thank you.” I said after I had sat at the table.
I began to study the manual.
Jason’s POV
I kept looking at her with a side of my eye as she read the manual. Mike had shown me her picture when he was planning to buy her from her mom.
Since then, I had took interest in her and I began to develop feelings for her.
As soon as I heard that Mike had brought her to his house, I started thinking of ways of how I can keep her close.
I know Mike likes money so I simply used money to lure him into letting Nancy come to work with me.
This girl is just so beautiful, I like her smile.
She caught me almost staring at her and I hurriedly looked away.
I hope she didn’t notice. I need to think of ways to tell her how she felt.
I hope she feels the same for me cause I really love her.
Nancy’s POV
Why is he staring at me? He’s handsome though.
He hasn’t even called to send me on an errand since morning, am I just going to be sitting down here or…well, it’s my first day, he is probably still welcoming me.
“Nancy, please come.” He said and I finally was able to stand from my sit.
“Won’t you mind if I take you out for lunch?”

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