June 15, 2021


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ONS With A V. Episode 5

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Nancy’s POV
“I’m coming to your room.” He said firmly.
“Talking of my room, aren’t we suppose to be living in the same room or am I mistaken about why you brought me from my mother’s house?” I implored.
“My purpose for bringing you is crystal clear, I brought you to marry you, but you have to wait till I’m ready.” He said.
“If you know you are not ready to get married, must you bring me over? ”
He faced me properly and smirked dryly. “Since you have start to see yourself as a wife, let me also tell you this: your mom agreed on selling you to me. The money you see me give your mom is not bride fee but the money she agreed on selling you over to me. truth is that you are my slave.” He looked into my face intimidatingly after uttering those words and walked to his room.
Really? Did my mom sell me for real? I know we do not really have much but is that enough reason for her to sell me to a rich man.
I never even wanted him in the first place, he only had me under his spell with the way he handled me at the bedröom.
I walked back to my room sullenly. But is this how I will be living in this house? lonely and helpless.
I refuse to be a slave, I have my life to live.
I guess I will have to run away from him. I can’t live as a slave under someone, not in this century.
Not like I can not even run away now.
I walked to the entrance of the house that led outside. I twisted the knob but it wasn’t opening.
I tried again but it’s the same thing. Why is this door locked this way?
I looked around in search for the key but couldn’t find it.
My phone rang at the moment and on checking who it was, it was no other person than Mike.
We are in the same house and he still has to phone me to tell me whatever he wants to tell me. Very ridiculous.
I picked it anyways, he was quiet briefly before his thick firm voice came through.
“What are you going to do outside?”
I looked around me and wondered how he knew I was trying to move out.
I was dunbfounded for few seconds and short of words.
“Did you forget something outside?” He asked.
“How are you seeing me?” I asked. I was seriously confused.
He chuckled dryly. “Are you going to answer my question?”
“I just want to catch some fresh air outside, is the key with you?” I asked.
“Sure.” He replied and hung up.
I sighed and walked back to his room. his door was slightly opened so I just pushed it and enter.
“So…where is it?” I asked referring to the keys.
“I forgot it at the kitchen, check it there.” He replied briskly.
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