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Hunted Episode 1

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🌱🌱 Episode 1
🌱Some 3 years back🌱
“Attention all units, MacDonald street in chaos, Fury fighter Team on roll”
A voice boomed in the speakers that were stationed in the office.
I stood up Immediately and got to the dressing room, my team mates were there also, preparing for the emergency call.
I put on my oversized coat and placed the helmet on my head, My heartbeat was beating rapidly.
“Hey Wills, you scared?”
One voice spoke behind me as we headed for the fire fighters truck that had already been ignited, I took a quick look back, seeing the middle aged man I had known as Geoffrey and nodded.
“You know, being your first day at work and an emergency occured, you have the right to be afraid and tensed, but do not show it cos people are out there in fire, afraid and their lives would be depended on you”
The man explained as he caught up to me, I smiled in appreciation, I relaxed my muscles and the fear rapidly faded away.
“Thanks Geoffrey, I think am cool now, I owe you one…”
I spoke and the man patted me on my back but quickly removed his hand.
” That’s my boy, now let’s get to work”
The man spoke and entered the truck while I followed suit.
The bus moved at an amazing speed, quite faster than it should for a fire truck.
Soon, we were at MacDonald street, everyone gasped in shock at the sight that was before us.
The whole street was on fire, like some sort of fire spirit which was not possible had visited the houses and set them ablaze.
We quickly got down from the truck and took our supplies and got into the buildings, I helped Geoffrey as we pulled out burnt bodies, some were charred and they crumpled to ashes as we touched them.
I carried a body outside while the water team sprayed water in the building to put off the fire, A half part of the house collapsed the moment I got out.
I screamed in shock as I remembered the man was still inside looking for bodies, I ran inside but couldn’t find him.
I went to the piled up collapsed part and scattered everything, I saw Geoffrey who had a rod stuck in his stomach while he was badly Injured.
A big block was on his leg and he couldn’t move…
“Help!!! Someone needs help!!!”
I screamed but no one came to my rescue, I panicked and went over the block and tried lifting it, strangely, I lifted it easily and threw it away.
Half dead Geoffrey was slung accross my shoulder as I charged out of the building only to meet the shock of my life.
Bodies of the fire fighters were scattered along the street, some had their heads severed while some were burnt.
I stood numb with shock as I couldn’t believe what was happening, the men he had come with a minuite ago were dead.
A low growl erupted behind me, I slowly tilted my head and I saw some pairs of yellow eyes.
A piercing scream rang behind me that the wave of the scream pierced my ear drums and disrupted them, I flew and crashed on the Fire truck while Geoffrey fell from my grip.
Blood dripped down my ears as I couldn’t ear anything.
“It took us years to finally find you…”
A deep voice spoke and I weakly tilted my head up, a man who had a red eyes held Geoffrey in his hands and sunk his teeth in his neck.
I screamed but there was nothing I could do to stop this monsters as they walked towards me….
🌱 Present day🌱
Ever since that Incident, me losing Geoffrey and the fire fighters in a single night, Have been on the run for the past 3 years and now the same history is about to repeat itself.
The Image of Geoffrey’s death scene made some sorts of fury was over me as the hunters, wolves, vampires and banshees stared at me with shock as I was still alive with a heart.
They didn’t know who I was, the change that happened 3years ago was about to happen again.
A heat seered through my body system and my insides became hot, hotter at each passing second.
A scream erupted from me as I felt pains in me, A cackling sound sounded and I felt my assulters moved back in fear as they saw what I had become.
Everywhere had already become hot that the trees around me were already burning.
I was a man on fire, a deep growl came out of my throat and my eyeballs formed into fire…
“W.what are you?”
One of the hunters who had hunted me asked stuttering.
“I am Williams Scott, I am Hellhound, descedant of Hades!”
I replied with a growl and charged.
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