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Hound's Duty Episode 1

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🔥Hound’s Duty🔥
🐚By Crownway Amef🐚
Who said every hellhound belongs to hell?! Indeed history had it in different writings that tells us about hellhounds otherwise called “Cerberus” is a three headed dog that guards the gate of hades. Also hellhounds hunt for souls, damned souls of people who sold their energy to the devil and herald it to afterlife.
Meet Erik, a nerdy boy whose life changed completely with just a phone call during his stay at his grandma’s house (The Taylors) in Mexico.
Meet Falcon, a wounded hellhound that dropped from the sky right at the “Taylor’s yard”
Hellhound does neither good nor bad,it’s duty is neutral.
What happens when a human takes up the duty of a hound….. A HELL hound at that😱 this won’t go well for a weak vessel.
Let’s see the thrilling adventure of Erik and the hellhound in Citadom city.
Not every hellhound belongs to hell.☣🌋
Genre: Action, paranormal fiction.
☣☣Sorry I couldn’t complete Wolves’ hour but don’t worry it’s gon have a continuation in Sammy’s next story.
🔥Hound’s Duty🔥
❄️By Crownway Amef❄️
🥀🌙Episode 01🥀🌙
🌋🌋🌋🌋Not every hellhound belongs to hell🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋
A strong storm erupted out of nowhere and out of it is a very giant hellhound with black angels after it, shooting their arrows sporadically and desperate to capture it.
Demons can control hellhound but at the same time scared of it but this particular hound is different, he failed to be controlled or inhabited. Lucifer heard of Falcon and asked to capture it which results to the hot chase of 24 days now and having nowhere to hide, Falcon separated its essence and sent it hidden into the earth aor a reason known to the hound. (Since a hound doesn’t do bad or good, how is this he’ll hound different? What’s its duty?)
There are different planets all around and unfortunately, an arrow hit Falcon and was left with no choice than to enter the dreadful planet of Earth and it was the moment of rotation in which a portal opens for angels to report back to heaven.
Falcon fell inside the portal but his essence went ahead of him and angels trooped out in return. On sighting the angels,Lucifer’s army retreated back with fear because they are not to be seen anywhere near heaven.
Falcon’s essence wandered for days before entering a mortal body.
Location: Dark river
Faint echoes filled the silent dark river of hades and black vapor crept out of the sides of the river as a canoe arrived at the middle with a skeleton covered in hood paddling slowly towards tartarus.
The canoe was brought to halt as visible water lines could be seen ceasing.
Black angels came in with a human, a pregnant one at that and they all bowed down to someone not seen.
Suddenly, the atmosphere of the silent river turned more dreadful and the feeling of death could be clearly smelt. A man dressed in black appeared out of thin air with his hands crossed to the black and his long hair shaped like horns in his head.
The pregnant woman was released and she dropped to the rocky ground as she winced in pain.
“Another chance you will be given by me” hades deep and shuddering echo filled the atmosphere.
Having cried tears of blood and with no hope, the pregnant woman went on her knees and tried to touch have to kiss his feet but he vanished and reappeared on his throne.
“The unseen yet invisible you must not touch” hades said flipping his long shoulder robe.
“Work for me…and your child too shall work for me, it is a very strong female demon”
Writer’s POV
Here’s Violet, a human who is pregnant with an angel’s baby and we know if an angel falls in love with a human, the baby will be a demon and thats why it was strongly forbidden.
Angel Paroh fell in love with Violet during his stay on earth for a mission and broke the rules. He’s in heaven being punished but hades saved Violet just like he did years back.
He saved Ramsey, the last survivor of the hellhounds Ramsey was pregnant and thus the generation of hellhounds continued.
Days later☣☣
Violet delivered a baby demon, a female demon and named her Haliah.
“You are ready… You should go to the surface and create more armies for me… Then I shall take over the world from my throne here” a voice rang out from every angle.
A ghost rider could be seen riding the storm on his fiery motorcycle, enchanted hell chain round his waist, a shotgun and swords crossed at his back with hellhounds running with him but suddenly, another hell hound appeared at the front and ghost rider swerved his motorcycle with tyres screeching with fire on invisible ground.
The hellhound ripped its two other heads off and gradually shifted to a human form. Body enlarging, tail merging with legs and muscles growing stronger then with fire revolving around the new form.
Erik gasped in fear and woke up from his nightmare.
“Oh God… this same dream again!” He said as he run his hand over his face to wipe the sweat formed already.
And as usual,he’s not wearing clothes and he smell like burnt offering.
“Why is my clothes always disappearing?
He’s been having that dream since he was 9 and whenever he sleeps at night, he do wear clothes but wakes up everyday with no clothes on, black ashes scattered everywhere in his bathroom,hot temperature and very weak body,now he’s 18.
He once explained everything to his parent but they never believed him.
Erik tossed the bedspread to the other side when he heard knock on his door. “Yes mom coming already”
He opened the door and kissed his mother good morning in which was returned to him as well.
“Get ready for school”
“Gosh, school again?”
“Yea school” Mrs Taylor snapped at him as she pulled the curtains away for sunlight to penetrate.
“It’s kinda sunny today… Too early for sun to appear”
“Silly boy, it’s almost 12 in the afternoon, you must be happy to be in the last year for you to attend school late.”
“That’s it mom, last year it is…
” Freddy is waiting for you downstairs”
“What? Freddy is here?”he didn’t wait for reply and dashed out of his room.
” Erik sped to the dining and saw Freddy shoving cookies down his throat and keeping some in his bag.
“Freddy!” Erik called out disappointed.
“Hey buddy, your mom is really nice, she asked me to take as much as I want”
“Yeah go on, you can only eat look how fat you’ve become”
“You can’t say that to a friend Erik” Mr.Taylor warned.
“I’ll be back in few minutes, continue eating” Erik said and climbed the stairs with his head down.
Location: Blue villa
Here is Violet sending Haliah off to school in a white Lamborghini and two cars to accompany her for safety.
As soon as the cars left the premises, the gate was closed and violet pressed a button on the remote she’s holding.
The inside of the house changed completely as if they are in different
building entirely. Different kind of guns fixed to the wall, dangerous tools, metaphysical instruments and weapons to hunt down any form of supernatural.
The guards outfit changed as well and they changed to black angels.
Violet sat on a chair and an image popped up from a fountain. It’s some kind of powerful projection with black rays hovering over it till Hades appeared to them.
“Falcon is on earth, we got a clue last night, one of the black angels sighted a dead demon with no soul” Violet reported.
“Fools!” Hades retorted.
“A lowly human is hosting Falcon already, find the boy… And bring him to me”
“But how are we going to find him?”
“Haliah… She has a spiritual Ocular eyes. She can see things miles away from her as if it’s right in her front.”
“But she’s not ready yet, what am I going to tell her?”
“Sooner or later,I’ll come for her… Prepare her with this” hades said and the projected image started flickering till it disappeared.
🐚Citadom city school🐚
Freddy and Erik could be seen coming out of class tiredly and then came across the school bully, Mason.
Mason is a rich spoilt bully and like to pick on others.
“Ohhhh look who is here?” Mason exclaimed mockingly.
“The fat glutton and the hero… What a match you are”
“You…. You… Really d…dont need all these” Freddy stammered out of fear.
“What? Did you just talk back at me?”
“Mason,can’t you bully us later? It’s almost time for lunch and….”
Before Erik finished his statement, Mason kicked his knee and he winced in pain limping on one leg.
“You should be glad I’m not in the mood to bully you guys today,I don’t want Haliah to see me picking on others”
Mason said as he flipped a strand of hair to his forehead believing that makes him cool.
Haliah is the hot beauty in CCS and she’s very popular with boys. No one knows her true behaviour if she’s bad or good because she’s always changing day by day.
The day went off like normal and days, then weeks.
One day,
Erik returned back home only to see his parent packing as if threatened by something.
“Mom, dad, what’s going on?
” uh… Erik,we’ve packed your stuff, we are leaving for Mexico tonight.
“What? Mexico? Why all of a sudden? What’s wrong with grandma?
” Your grandma is not feeling too well, and she request to see you” Mr.Taylor said.
Erik becoming so confused keep scanning the sitting room and noticed it’s in a bad state with broken window panes and bullet holes on the table.
“Mom what the hell happened here? Did armed robbers attacked home while I was gone?he said feeling so scared.
” it’s more than being robbed son, we need to leave.”
“But my studies…. My friend…”
“There’s no time to waste Erik, we need to leave.
They arrived late at night and Grandma Sarah as she’s fondly called welcomed them happily.
Erik was asked to excuse them and he left for the balcony.
I guess they must be our business partners” Mrs.Taylor said.
“No… They ain’t any business partner…don’t worry you will be safe here.” Grandma Sarah assured.
Erik was sitting outside scanning the city from where he was sitting when he saw something like fire ball fall from the sky and landed at their yard.
He was stupified and thought he was dreaming until the creature like a dog and also like a black shadow winced out howling so loud in pain.
The noise is so deafening that Erik had to cover his ears.
Alert alert… Hound’s location found.
An electric voice rang out of the telecom.
Violet let out an evil smirk and released unconscious Haliah.
Haliah fell to the ground weakly and unconscious.
“Take her to her room and let her sleep soundly” she said wiping the blood from her hands with a towel.
“I’m sorry sweety,I’ll have to wipe out your memory”
“Guys… Prepare the Aladdin jet” She grinned and a magnetic armour crept up her body.
“Boss, we found the location but we don’t know which household in Mexico”
“Don’t worry, Haliah showed me the boy’s face already”
😱oops my ink finished.
How was the first episode guys?
Let your likes and comment refil my pen🤗

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