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She's The Boss Episode 1-5

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The Boss
πŸ’«(You work for me, that makes you my sex toy)πŸ’₯
Episode 1
By Simrah Saeed
🌷 Brittany 🌷
” Yes! Yes! Go deeper! ”
I yelled in pleasure as he ride on me speedily.
” Faster ” I moaned in pleasure . My body was on fire, it’s not enough for me!
I am not satisfied! I want more!
How can a guy like him lack how to make s*x pleasurable for a woman?
” Get out ” I snapped!
” Ma’am?” He called staring at me with a confused look.
I angrily pushed him off me and he landed on the floor.
Not that I care anyways!
” Your work is done, take the money and get out of my office ”
He hastily nodded and dashed out! Fool!
I need someone who can do this well, untill then , I won’t feel any better.
I need someone to rock his d*ck on my p**sy.
My body became sweaty! The feeling hasn’t gone!
I pulled out my telephone and dialed just any number my hand pressed. Thankfully , someone picked up.
πŸ“ž Hello ma’am .
Goodness! A male !
πŸ“ž To my office immediately, in two minutes else you are fired .
I said and hung up clasping my hands together.
While checking down my self still naked on the bed inside.
Yeah! There’s a special bed in my office and the purpose is known to me alone.
All I want now is a man! I don’t care if I am at work or not.
It’s my freaking company and I have every right to do anything I wish.
I am the law maker , it’s not bad if I break it. The people under me will still concur to it.
” I am here ma’am ”
I heard a hoarse voice and my head snapped to the door .
” Come here and give me the pleasure I want ” I signaled with my hand calling him to the bed.
He dare not hesitate!
Without further talks or questions, he crawled into bed with me.
Of course all my male workers knows this! It’s nothing new.
They give me the hot s*x I need and get paid , as simple as that.
I sharply help him in pulling his dress half way!
And wow! His d*ck is huge! Just great!
I slapped his cheek as he k*ssed me on my lip!
” Are you nut?”
” I..I am sorry ma’am, I forgot the rules ” he pleased while I glared at him.
I might want them but there’s no kissing and smooching .
” Go down to business idiot ” I flared.
He put his d**k in my entrance before slowly penetrating!
” Oh yeah” I mo*ned
” Freaking faster”
He slowly grabbed my b*tts squeezing them in his hands.
He needs to be slapped again!
Well, sorry I haven’t introduced myself!
I am Brittany Martinez! Founder of my company B and M.
26 years of age!
I don’t care what you think about me being a s*x addict.
I just can’t control it either!
Anyways! Think anything that comes to your mind!
No need for long introduction.
My Dad died long ago and so I only have Mum alive.
I am the richest lady in the whole Philippine! God made me and no freaking person can change that!
I do what I wish to do but I don’t kill! That’s never part of it!
I am very kind but do not mess with my obsession which is s*x!
I have been this way all my life! I hate the fact that I am a s*x addict but nothing can change that!
I hate being argued with! When I say it’s blue, agree it’s blue !
I don’t have much to say but you will know me more as time goes on!
That’s it!
I feel so alive when the thrust gets deeper! Yeah! He’s definitely a man.
The kinda man I want!
” Yes, just make sure he signs the agreement ” I said to Karen and she nodded!
” Yes ma’am ” she replied and left!
” And you are sure he can cook all the dishes? Including continental dishes?”
” Sure ma’am, he’s good at it ”
” Okay then ”
Well, I need a chef! I am tired of eating from outside all the time due to the fact that I am always busy to cook for myself.
And yes! I don’t know how to cook! It’s not my fault, I was never thought.
Mum never had that time but I am glad I am going to have a chef!
To crown it all, he’s a guy!
Is he handsome?
I can’t wait to set my eyes on him. If he’s handsome! I will definitely make him mine like I have always done!
Even if he’s gonna be ugly, I don’t mind. My addiction isn’t selective!
When it comes, I let anyone I see around to f**k me.
” Hey baby ” Joel said coming in!
You should know he’s one of them but what makes him special is that he’s my friend!
” Hey Joel , how are you?” I asked seductively dragging him by the tie.
” I am always fine whenever I see you damsel ” he said going for a kiss!
He’s the only one that I allow to kiss me and that’s because he wouldn’t listen.
He’s so stubborn!
” I just came to say Hi to you ” he said while I narrowed my eyes!
A touch is enough to bring that sensation in me.
” Well thanks, you came at the right time”
” Really?”
” Yeah boo , come here” I replied seductively
I just want him buried deep inside me! My addiction is crazy!
I can stay sometimes if there’s no man in sight but if there is, I must have him be it old or young.
” I promise to make you wet down there, you will scream my name that you want more ” ……….
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
I jumped up in joy as I received the email that I got the job I applied for as a chef in the almighty Brittany’s home.
I am very ready to face any challenge! I can’t leave the job because that’s what is going to sustain my family and I.
Do I have any option?
I graduated five years ago with a good grade but it seems luck isn’t on my side.
As large as Philippine, it’s difficult to get a job!
I had to quit searching and pick up this opportunity!
This is really great! I thought she wasn’t going to pick me but she did
This is a good news I can’t wait to share with Cathy.
Yes! Cathy is my girlfriend, I so much love her and I wish not to loose her.
I picked my phone and headed out to get a cab to her house!
I am so excited! This isn’t what I have to say over the phone.
I want to hear her scream in my ear directly?
I am sure she will be surprised as I am.
Cathy is just a lady any man will wish to be with.
She’s just so understanding and that makes me love her the more.
” Guess what ba..” my voice itched as I opened the door to see the greatest shock of my life!
” Cathy ?” I called in a disbelief tone . My heart wrenched!
Cathy in bed with another man?
I thought she love me.
Tears welled up my eyes immediately as I staggered back ward.
Shock was written all over her face !
” Dam, please I can explain. I am sorry” she said as she tied the towel running towards me while the guy lay comfortably on the bed
How long has this been going on? How did I stupidly believe that she loves me?
The flower I bought on my way fell on the floor.
Why am I always not lucky?
” Dam ..”
” Dare touch me and I will slap you Cathy, it is over between us. You can go back and continue having fun ”
” Dam please, I… I am sorry” I slapped her hand away and she landed on the floor.
What I hate most is heartbreak. She’s broken me again!
” Read my lips Cathy, it’s over between us” ……
The Boss
πŸ’«(You work for me, that makes you my sex toy)πŸ’₯
Episode 2
By Simrah Saeed
🌷 Brittany 🌷
” Make sure you submit the file first thing tomorrow morning Karen, I know it requires a lot of work but you can seek for assistance ” I said to her.
This very file is important! A meeting by ten tomorrow and everything about it revolves around this very file.
I don’t want to loose the partnership deal with Mr Kings!
” I will try my best ma’am ”
” Yeah, please do ”
” Yes ma’am ”
” Thank you Karen ” she’s really trying as my secretary because that’s not the only work I give her.
She work for me at home timely too.
I think I should increase her pay!
” It’s fine ma’am ” she said and left while I focused back on calculating this.
I am doing it for the fifth time and it’s still wrong!
I so much hate arithmetics and I have to deal with it.
I need to get this done before I leave. I can’t come back to this tomorrow!
” Hey girlfriend ”
Hilda said coming in…. Gosh! She’s gonna disturb my life!
” Yeah, close from work already?” I asked as she took a sit opposite me ..
” Yeah, that boss is hell of a trouble ” she replied which made me chuckle.
Well, Hilda has been my best friend since childhood and we did everything together then.
Very lousy but I still love her and of course she knows my addiction!
She’s really helped me getting rid of it but I guess it’s in my body to stay forever!
You think I happy I f**k shits that I see? Of course not but I can’t control it either!
It’s part of me, it lives in me, now and forever!
Of course, it’s natural! I have lived with being a s*x addict all my life, so be it!
Only those that knows view me as a slut but I am not definitely!
I ain’t the one that created my self this way!
” You are always complaining ” I said to her
” I ought to Tanny , the work in our company will forever not finishing. Anyways how are you?”
I knew what she meant already!
” I am fine , my addiction came and you know how it’s always been. I had to do the usual, call some random workers and asked them to f**k me ” I replied shrugging.
Deep down in me , I am hurt but what do I do? Nothing of course.
” I am sorry you are going through this Tanny ” she said sympathetically .
” You don’t have to be, I am fine ”
” Okay, I need to cheer you up baby girl. There is this hot party today, we are going Tanny, no buts. Sometimes we have to give break from work and enjoy life ”
She said!
Thats true anyways! If I ain’t in the mood for s*x , you will find me working all damn day.
But party? I don’t like to party.
” You know I am not a fan of party Hilda”
” C’mon girlfriend, just this once please” she pleaded….
” Please bes ”
” Okay fine, just this once ” I said to her …
” Yeah, this once ”
” Okay then, I need to round up this arithmetic. My head is bursting ” I replied clearly holding my head.
” I can help you with it ”
” Ah,I will be very grateful babe, thank you”
She’s a genius and I believe she will be done in few minutes! ………
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
I sat on the floor in my room crying my eyes out!
Why am I so unlucky?
How can Cathy cheat on me?
She’s been pretending all this while claiming she loves me?
I have never been this shattered all my life.
People I trust turn out to betray me!
I love her so much! I gave her all my heart thinking I was going to end up with her as my wife but reverse is the case!
I wouldn’t blame her, she can’t possibly settle down with a poor man like me!
I ain’t from a wealthy home, I don’t even have a car!
” Damien”
I quickly wiped my tears as I heard Mum calling me.
I don’t want her to see me crying, it will only add to her health issues.
I picked up this job for her, she needs to get treated and I don’t have the money!
” Dam are you there?”
” Y..yes Mum, I’m coming ” I briskly stood up heading out of my room composing myself!
” Good evening Mum ” I greeted.
” How are you? You don’t look fine Son, is there a problem?” She asked worriedly.
Can I ever hide anything from her?
” I am fine Mum, I am ”
” Are you sure? ”
” Yes mum, where’s Josephine?” I asked.
” I am here bro ” she said coming out from the kitchen looking all gloomy!
Okay! What’s wrong with her?
” Are you alright munchkin?” I asked going towards her!
My family are the reason I am living . A stone thrown to them will definitely kill me! My mum and sister!
They are everything to me!
” How did you expect me to be fine when Mum told me you will be leaving us tomorrow ?” She asked pouting.
Oh that? There’s no any other option!
I have to live with Brittany and yes! I am moving in tomorrow!
” You shouldn’t worry munchkin, I will always be around for you and besides it’s just few block away from here ” I convinced her.
” I will be able to come see you anytime?” She asked again!
I am not sure of that! I heard she’s very principled …
” Yeah, sure. So smile for me baby girl” I said ruffling her hair.
” I am sorry Son, that you have to suffer for us ” Mum said tearily!
Gosh! I hate seeing her cry!
” Mum, it’s my responsibility to take care of you and Josephine! I am not complaining okay?”
” Thank you bro ”
” It’s fine, now can we eat?”
I have a very big day tomorrow!
How will I be living with Brittany? Is all the rumors about her true?
That’s the only thing scaring me! But I wouldn’t give up right?
Not at this point again!
🌺 Hilda 🌺
Idiot! I made sure she was purely drunk before executing my plans!
I so much hate Brittany! I hate her!
She thinks of me as a friend but I think of her as a m enemy!
She’s taking everything away from me, the fame, the wealth. Just everything!
I become just a shadow any where she is.
” Take her away and be fast about it ” I told the four men waiting patiently!
Brittany is so drunk that she slept off here in the party.
I did it though! That was one of my plans, to get her drunk!
I want to destroy her! I don’t want her to have any self value!
” Okay ”
They chorused as one of them picked her on his shoulder!
If you must know, I want the four of them to take advantage of her!
I don’t care how you see me as but I will do anything to cause her pain!
They can have her as many round as they can in her unconscious state!
I am sure she won’t notice when she’s awake! She will think it’s just a hangover!
When they are done, I will take her home!
And yes! I made her what she is today! I made her a s*x addict!
My plan is to render her useless and become the female billionaire and most feared like she is.
Ten years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the drug AF2. A strong drug!
Very powerful!
I injected her with it to make her addicted to s*x forever!
She doesn’t know about it except me!
There’s definitely no cure for it!
I have pretended helping her but planned with the doctors to make it worse!
Pain is what I want her to feel!
I don’t care if anyone sees me as a beast! That’s what I am
I do anything to get what I want……….
🌷 Brittany 🌷
” Wake up sleepy head, you’ve slept enough. You don’t even know when I came ”
That’s definitely Mum!
Ouch! My head! It’s hurting so much! I remembered going to the party with Hilda, I got drunk and….. I think she brought me back!
This is the very reason I hate taking alcohol! A little is enough to make me drunk and tipsy!
” Good morning Mum” I greeted.
I wonder what she’s doing in my house this early morning!
” Ouch” I winced holding my head! Remind me not to drink again.
” Are you okay?” She asked sitting beside me on the bed! ..
” Y…yeah, I am fine. Just having a little headache ”
” I have warned you to stop drinking Brittany, what’s wrong with you?” She snapped!
I just took a little!
” I am sorry mum ”
A strong wave to puke hit me as I rushed to the bathroom vomiting my intestine!
I will never drink again!
” I won’t take it likely if you drink again Brittany, did you want to kill yourself? ”
She asked worriedly helping me back to the room.
Gosh! I feel so weak and tired! Like I pounded water
” You go take your bath while I get you some aspirin and again, you have a visitor”
She left me and left!
A visitor? I am not expecting anyone! Who could that be?
I entered into the bathroom eager to go see who came. ..
My legs became stiff to the ground as I saw the sight before me.
Is this human?
Tall…check βœ“
Tinted skin…check βœ“
Straight legs …check βœ“
Curly hair.. check βœ“
Pink lips ..checkβœ“
Pointed nose…check βœ“
Smooth beards…checkβœ“
Handsome.. double check βœ“
Who is this guy?
He stood up nervously immediately he saw me!
” G.. good morning ma’am ” he greeted .
I couldn’t answer, I was lost staring at this creature in front of me!
How can he be this handsome?
The most handsome guy I have seen all my life!
I stared lustfully at him without blinking an eye.
I regained myself after a while and cleared my throat!
” You are?”
” Uhhm, Damien ma’am. Your new chef”
Huh? Is Karen crazy?
How can she give me this hot guy as a chef?
My eyes ransacked all over him as I felt some tingles down in between my legs!
No! This can’t disgrace me here! My addiction !
I clutched my legs together trying hard to control myself!
Seeing him will worsen it the more!…….
The Boss
πŸ’«(You work for me, that makes you my sex toy)πŸ’₯
Episode 3
By Simrah Saeed
🌷 Brittany 🌷
I clutched my legs together trying hard to control myself.
Seeing him here will worsen it! !!!!
I could feel my priv*te part clenched and unclenched
What do I do? I need a man right now! I need someone!
I took some steps towards him and before I knew it, I pushed him back to the couch!
He fell on it, I didn’t forget to use the opportunity to climb up on him.
” M… ma’am?” He called in a shock expression!
There’s nothing I can do, I need someone deep in me!
” F*”k me please ” I begged making my way to remove his belt but he stopped me!
” Ouch”
Pain! And pain was what I was feeling in my abdomen!
This is how it happens if I don’t let a man have me!
It will worsen till I won’t be able to bear it anymore!
” M… ma’am please ” he said nervously pushing me off him.
” P… please, I …I ouch ! Need you please” I pleaded with my hand in between my legs!
I dragged his shirt , he stumbled and fell on me!
I wish to stop this but I can’t! I just can’t!
I am dying each passing minute without the satisfaction of a man!
” Help me please, I…I will pay you any amount you want ” I said in tears! I can’t bear the pain anymore!
” C..can you please calm down ma’am?”
I jumped up as he said that!
I totally forgot Mum is around! I don’t want her to ever find me this way!
I don’t want her to know I have a problem, I don’t want her to know that I sleep with men I don’t even know!
She will definitely die if she hears of it!
Ouch! My! Tears poured down freely! I . dying! I am suffering!
Pain! Intensifying and crucifying!
The last time this happened, I went unconscious for a week!
I picked up my bag feeling so embarrassed but I don’t care right now!
I ran into my car and drove off to the nearest hotel!
At least I will see someone that will help!
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
What the hell just happened?
I stood up from the floor in shock and surprise!
That was really an escape!
Brittany asking me for s*x on my first day?
How will I be able to cope with the temptation?
What’s wrong with her? She was actually crying too?
Does that mean she’s not in control of herself?
I just don’t get it!
” Britt….”
” where’s she?” Her Mum asked coming down stairs while I composed myself immediatetly!
Thank goodness she didn’t meet her daughter in that state!
” Uhhm, she left ” I replied
” Left? Why? ” She asked but I stayed mute!
I can’t reply that you know!
” Anyways, you are welcome son. I am sorry my daughter left ” she apologized
” It’s fine ma’am ”
” Okay, I will show you to your room and then the kitchen ” she said.
Well, she’s not that bad!
” Thank you ”
” I don’t think she will be coming back till evening so you have all the time to explore the house while I go back home”
She doesn’t stay in this house? Meaning I am here alone with Brittany?
Goodness! How do I survive it?
” Okay ma’am thank you ” I said politely.
” Call me Mum please, I wasn’t the one that employed you ” she said chuckling while I nodded smiling at her.
First time seeing a rich person with ego and pride!
She’s so friendly!
” Alright take care Son ” she said and left!
I went back to my room and lay comfortably on the king size bed! I have never had this type of bed in my entire life!
This is heaven!
How do I start preparing her meal?
What happened earlier still remain a shocker to me.
I mean, how will she ask someone like me? Her ordinary chef?
I can’t imagine how I will face her when she’s back!
Is she even fine out there? Where did she went to ?
I see what’s wrong with her as a problem but I can’t tell !
She was normal when she came in but few minutes later, it came like a timely sickness!
It doesn’t seem right to me!
Is it normal for a lady to behave that way?
I think I will find out later!…..
🌷 Brittany 🌷
” More p.. please..”
” Faster” I continue yelling in pain!
My legs were weak, my waist hurts but the addiction is still there.
I wanted more! I don’t feel satisfied!
I held the unknown man as he fell back on me!
Sometimes I wouldn’t have any option than to beg for s*x .
I will be so wounded down there but be needing more!
I can’t help it!
Am I the only one created this way?
Why is my life different from other ladies out there?
” I will pay double, just please don’t stop” I pleaded with him.
He seems to understand my plight as he nodded slightly before he began thr*sting in again.
This time not slowly but very fast! This is what I go through everyday day in my life!
Behind every of my smiles lies a pain in my heart!
How do I face him? I mean Damien, yeah!
I feel so ashamed of myself!
I showed him my real self on his first day!
With him around, will I be able to get hold of my self and addiction?
🌺 Hilda 🌺
I slapped his hand away coming down from the bed to dress myself!
It’s enough for today!
” Baby, one more round please” imagine this old fool!
I don’t sleep with a client more than once!
” Pay me my money, I need to get out of here” I snapped!
” H..”
” I am waiting….sir ”
He sighed as he dipped his hand in his wardrobe before handing me some cash!
I collected my money and dashed out of his goddamn house before his wife or children will set their eyes on me!
I have a next client waiting for me!
Well if you must know, everyone thinks I only work in a company but I am a call girl as you know already.
Not even Brittany knows about this! I just want to get money!
I don’t care the means so long I become richer than Brittany!
That’s my aim and it’s my body not yours!
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
” Good evening ma’am ” I bowed slightly without glancing at her!
” Y..yeah evening ” she replied blatantly heading to her room practically avoiding my gaze!
Well, If I am the one. I will be embarrassed too although I don’t think it’s her fault she did what she did.
When I browsed about it this morning, there was no clear explanation on it but I think she took a strong drug.
But why?
” Uhhm, ma’am?”
She paused but didn’t turn back.!
” Your uhhm dinner ” I stammered
” I am filled up, don’t worry” she replied and began walking away again!
Is she mad at me?
” And Damien?”
” Ma’am?”
” I will give you a time table to be following, I don’t eat junks please”
” Oh..okay ma’am ”
This is really awkward!
Few minutes later!……
I covered my ears but the shout was becoming unbearable!
She’s been shouting for hours now!
Is Brittany okay? Why is she shouting or more less crying?
I sprang on my feet tracing it to her room to at least check up on her.
I slowly opened the door to see her lying helplessly on the floor.
Oh my goodness!
” M.. ma’am?” I called as I rushed to her.
What happened?
” D… Damien?” She called faintly.
Her legs clutched to one another, her hands in a fist!
” I… I am dying Damien help…”
She said as tears flows down from her eyes and what?
Don’t tell me she wants s*x again!
” I.. I want you da…”
” You need to calm down okay, I will go get you a drug ” I left her on the floor and left.
In my research I found out there’s a drug that will subside it but not permanently.
Maybe it will help!.
The Boss
πŸ’«(You work for me, that makes you my sex toy)πŸ’₯
Episode 4
By Simrah Saeed
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
Gosh! I pray this works for her as it is now. She needs medical attention!
I rushed back to her room to see her in that same position, vomiting, clutching her abdomen. Her legs still on one another…
” Da… Damien p.. please” she begged in tears.
I can feel her pain!
But how did she end up in this? Why did she take the drug in the first place?
” You will be fine ma’am, just sit up please”
I helped her up, brought out the drug and a glass of water…
I sat her down with me supporting her !
” Open your mouth ”
She did just that and I gave her the drugs!
” Dam… Ouch! ” She said as she began rolling on the floor again.
I had to pick her up to the bed!
I gently laid her down and placed her head on my thigh while my hand soothing her back!
Let this work please!
” You will be fine okay, just calm down and rest ”
After some minutes! She stopped talking! I could only hear her faint breathe…
It worked! Like a magic!
I stared at her innocent face as she sleeps peacefully!
If she knows this is a sickness, she should have gone for treatment!
How has she been coping?
I thought she just derive joy in having any man she wishes because of her wealth but I am wrong!
What happened in a whole day has made me believe that she does that unwillingly.
What baffles me was how on Earth she took the drug!
Was she not aware that it has side effects like this?
And on a second thought, I don’t think she will do this to herself.
I mean no one in his right senses will ever take what’s harmful to you.
Who could have possibly did this to her? For what reason will you do this to a fellow human?
This can’t happen to me because I have learnt not to trust anyone I see!
Not everyone that smiles with you wish for your happiness!
Imagine what she’s going through, for how long has this been in her body?
I wonder how many guys she’s begged for s*x in this type of state!
Some a** leaking guys will even take advantage of her because of her condition!
I carefully placed her head on the pillow, covered her with the duvet an left the bed!
Her room is hell of a mess I need to clean up before I think of sleeping!
🌺 Hilda 🌺
He kissed my neckline as I mo*ned in pleasure!
Joel and I work together! I want the same and riches while he wants Brittany’s riches!
Our plan is to make her penniless then we will get married!
” You know I love you baby ” he said as his hand went into my b**bs!
” You say that all the time yet, you f*”k Brittany each f*”King day ” I said practically annoyed!
I hate that fact that she’s sharing my man with me.
I don’t care about her addiction, she can as well beg a mad man to f*”k her. That’s what I have always wanted.
” C’mon Hilda, you know Why I am doing that. It’s for us, I need to get her to trust me before our plans can work ”
Well, yeah I understand but. I don’t still like that!
I wish to see that girl dead one day! It will be the best news ever!
” Cheer up baby, please”
He began tickling me and I laughed.
” You should know that you are the real deal, Brittany is just a slut that can’t control her hormones ”
I love it when he chooses me over her!
I just wish to paint her black in the whole Philippine!
I am patiently waiting for her downfall! She’s slept with thousand men !
She’s been raped a thousand times unconscious!
I am me! I don’t care about your thoughts concerning me!
My aim is to ruin her, that’s what I am doing playing safe by being a friend! ….
” Are you sure Joel?” I asked blushing a little!
” Of course, let’s forget about her. I need you baby ” ……..
🌷 Brittany 🌷
I woke up with a slight headache and the morning sun piercing through my window.
Yesterday’s incident came flooding in my mind so fresh!
I could remember everything!
A smile crept on my face with the thought of him!
Good people still exists!
A lot of guys will gladly f*”k me in the kinda state I was yesterday but he didn’t!
He didn’t take advantage of me! The very first guy that has ever rejected me!
I have gone to several hospitals with Hilda but the doctor said it’s a minor and they will give me a drug that never works but aggravate my s*x drive.
It’s getting worse each passing day without knowing what to do about it but how did he know about it?
What drug did Damien gave me yesterday?
It still remain a mystery to me how the drug magically worked!
I stopped feeling the pain, the drive slowly went away and I slept off in his arm!
When my plan was to make him one of my s*x toy because he works for me, I discovered that he’s really a helper.
I can’t stop thinking of where he took the drugs from. .
I feel so embarrassed and ashamed to face him but that’s my fate, I can’t change it!
I just hope it doesn’t come today ! It happens like hundred times a day!
I checked around my room to see it was neat and clean!
I remember puking all over yesterday, he did clean up my room!
Who is he?
He picked me up to the bed! He made me fall asleep!
I heard a knock on my door which snapped me out of my thought!
I am certain it’s him! Gosh!
I am feeling so nervous!
” C…come in ”
I sat up right as the door opened revealing the most charming man I have ever seen!
He’s just too handsome both in and out!
” G… good morning ma’am” he greeted with a smile.
His dimples are so deep and cute!
He dropped a hot cup of coffee on the bed stand and stood still again!
” M… morning ” I replied plainly!
” Uhhm, I brought a coffee for you ma’am, you will feel better when you take it ” he said .
Isn’t he so humble?
” O.. okay ” I trailed off.
” What will you like for breakfast ma’am?”
” Anything will do ”
” Alright ma’am ” he bowed and was about leaving..
” Damien ”
” Thank you ” I said sincerely.
Not even my closet male friend Joel ever thought of finding a solution to my problem because he will have the opportunity to explore my body as he wants!
” Its fine ma’am ”
I could see he wanted to say something further but he stopped…
” You want to say something?” I asked.
He glanced at me and scratched his head!
He look so cute when he’s nervous!
” I don’t bite Damien, speak up ”
” Uhmm… I spoke with my uhmm best friend earlier today, he’s a doctor and a specialist in all field ”
” I know I don’t have any say in what goes on in your life ma’am but ….”
He paused and stared at me.
” But?” I asked…
” I think you took a dangerous drug and you need a medical attention ”
Huh? Drug? What drug?
I stared confusedly at him while he look everywhere but me.
” I… I…am sorry if I spoke more than I should ma’am, do not be….”
” I understand Damien but can you please take me there? ” ……..
Thunder from aso rock!
Consume Hilda and Joel anywhere they are 😣.
Let that devilish girl not see Damien o.
The Boss
πŸ’«(You work for me, that makes you my sex toy)πŸ’₯
Episode 5
By Simrah Saeed
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
” Yeah, sure ” I replied .
Wow! I never thought she was going to agree to that this easily but I am glad she did though it’s for her benefit!
I don’t actually knows if there’s a cure for it but we will give it a try and to again know the exact drug she took ik her system.
” Thank you Damien ” she said again which I smiled in return .
I bowed my head and left!
I think I have loads of work to do in the kitchen then, I have to put a call across Carl .
Well, Carl is my best friend and equally a doctor.
I entered into the kitchen thinking of what to prepare for her and myself of course.
I learnt how to cook since I was a kid. I picked interest in it because I just love cooking.
After I graduated from school, I went to a catering school for a year program which learned more about dishes all out of passion not knowing I was actually going to end up being a chef!
🌷 Brittany 🌷
I sighed loudly coming down frok the bed. Isn’t he a God sent? Yesterday night was the first time my addiction went away without f*”king any man.
It went away with a different means I didn’t know all this while and now he volunteered to help me .
If it means skipping work for today, that’s what I must do. My life is more important than money!
Will they be able to cure me if it was a drug I took like he said?
What drug did I take in yhe first place? Cause I can’t remember doing this to myself. I don’t enjoy being a s*x addict that I am so why will I take that?
I just can’t wait to get to the hospital!
Somehow, I trust Damien! Within this 24hours he’s spent with me , he proved worthy to be trusted!
It still surprises me how he chose to help me instead of taking advantage of me like the rest!
This is what a friend like Joel ought to have done but he prefers f*”king me to taoe the pain away temporarily.
I didn’t realise this till now a total stranger came into the picture.
I am not angry with Joel . Yeah, I can’t blame him! That was the only help he could render
I don’t derive joy from f*”king any man I see just to satisfy me.
I just wish it ends soon!
” The hospital is down the road ma’am, CEE SPECIAL HOSPITAL”
Oh yeah! I think I know there. It’s two kilometers away from here.
” I know the hospital ”
” Alright , you go while I take a cab, I will join you right away ”
Like seriously? Is he serious right now?
” Are you being serious right now Damien?I have a car and you want to take a cab? ” I asked plainly.
I might be bossy but not all the time and not in this case that I am the one in need
” I am sorry ma’am”
” Here, take the car keys and drive please”
He stared at me for awhile before nodding and collected the keys from my hand while I entered into the passenger side.
I am sure he can drive.
The engine roared to live as we drove in a very uncomfortable silent. Gosh! I feel like I am suffocating.
He was so focused on the road but I just couldn’t help but steal glances at him.
If he’s a food, I rather be termed stingy than giving him out .
I so much live his stature !
I don’t know how but our eyes met and I hastily looked away embarrassingly.
” From the test we’ve conducted so far, you were injected with AF2 which happened to be drug for sex drive, it’s dangerous and I am sorry to say that the researchers haven’t found the cure to it ”
Doctor Carl said and my heart sank! Injected with AF2? How? When? By who? Who did this to me? Who have I offended that couldn’t tell me but destroyed my life this way?
” But something can be done about it right?” Damien asked .
For now, I will prescribe a drug that you have take to reduce the occurrence, the AF2 has long stayed in your body and so it increased to the final stage where the cure is difficult to be done ”
” It could have been better if you didn’t take Dixon in the process of curing it, that worsened it and I am afraid it might cause a lot to your body system”
Does that mean I will live with this forever? No cure?
Is it this serious? Who did this to me? I didn’t realise I was crying till a tear dropped on my hand.
How do I survive with being a s*x addict all my life?
I am ruined already! If this gets to the media then my reoutation is gone forever.
I can’t remember offending anyone. I might be rude but it has minimum.
” Ma’am?” Damien called! I can’t hide the pain anymore. The tears couldn’t stop because my eye bags was full. It has held enough of tears I have to let out.
” but there’s Hope for her rught Carl?” Damien asked. Is he really asking to make me feel better? The doctor said there’s no cure. And the drugs Hilda normally brings for me added it it.
My system is damaging because of the drug?
I wouldn’t blame her, her for it, she was just trying to help. She’s really tried for me as a friend and I am glad I have some one like her beside me .
” she can he cured but it will take a long time “……
πŸ’ Damien πŸ’
Goodness! I need to visit Mum and Josephine today! It’s been two weeks since I came in here and two weeks since we last visited Carl. Brittany has been doing pretty well with the help.of the drugs.
She hasn’t demanded for s*x because she takes the drugs frequently.
I thought she was going to turn out to be a hash and bossy boss but she’s cool at least.
” Dam ” Josephine shrieked as she saw me while running to hug me.
” Hey munchkin” I said to her as she released herself from the tight hug.
” Ho are you?”
” I am doing great but annoyed that you abandoned us all this while” she pouted .
She speaks like a 20years old lady while she’s just 15.
” I am really sorry sis, please forgive me”
” I will forgive you on one condition” gosh! This girl is impossible!
” What condition?” She thought for a while before she stopped walking
” Tomorrow is our school yearly party and I want you in attendance so I can show my friends how handsome my brother is ”
Like really?
” Please Damien”
” Okay fine but…” I was interrupted by the beeping of my phone.
I checked the caller ID to see it was Cathy.
I sighed and busied the call . Don’t she get it that I don’t want to have anything doing with her? She’s been calling me so often recently but I don’t want to talk to her. Not anymore, not ever!…….
” Ouch!”
I jumped out of my bed sleepily as I heard Brittany’s voice!
Gosh! I rushed out of my room to hers immediately.
I should have known! Her addiction again!
” Dam… Damien me ” she cried out in pain holding her stomach while clutching her legs together.
Ocean of tears flood down her cheeks as she tried to keep her eyes opened.
” Ma’am?” I called holding her up but she dragged me to herself.
She tried removing my shorts ! Where the hell is her drug?
My eyes searched for it and luckily for me, I found the container.
I gently pulled her away to get the drugs but to my disappointment, it was empty.
It’s finished! Goodness! What do I do?
It’s 2am in the midnight, I can’t go out to get the drugs and even if I do, the shops will be closed by now.
” D… Damien p.. please, just this once”
” Help me please I am dying ” she said faintly.
She’s already loosing her breathe.
What do I do?
I can’t do this! I can’t take advantage of her in this state my conscience won’t let me.
She vomited on my body!
” Dam…Damien please, I am hurting, my body is on fire I need you please”
I have never been this confused all my life. I… I can’t have s*x with her. I can’t bring myself to do that.
But on the second hand, she might pass out and go into a long coma if her needs aren’t met!
She puked all over me again this time, all whitish
” legs Damien..”
” Da…. Damien… please ” …….

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