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My Pregnant Wife Episode 1-5

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๐Ÿ‘’My Pregnant
(Young Crazy Couples๐Ÿ˜‚)
A short romance – comedy story.
Episode 1
By: Faith Lucky
Mandy’s Pov:
I was awoken by the blaring sound of the alarm and I cursed silently as I forced my eyes open.
Oh! Damn it! I was still having a nice sleep!
I grumbled and reached to turn off the alarm, only to discover it wasn’t the alarm ringing.
It was actually his phone – Leo’s phone!!!
What the hell!!!
I stood up in rage and grabbed the phone. How many f**king times do I have to tell him to quit keeping his phone close to me???
He makes and receives calls like the president of New York. So, why would he leave his phone on the bed when he knows I’m still asleep??
I was about throwing the phone against the wall when my eyes gripped the name of the caller on the screen.
It was saved as “Betty๐Ÿ’“”
Yes – Betty with a love emoji beside it.
what the heck?? That was his secretary.
I fumed as I held it in my hand and stared at it. Gosh! I felt like smashing it.
Well, what do I expect from a 21 year old god – forsaken husband who’s a flirt?
The door opened immediately and he walked in from the bathroom.
His hair was dripping wet and had just a white towel tied around his tiny waist.
Yeah….you can say he’s handsome.
“Hey, you!” I snapped at him.
“Why the f**k did you keep your phone close to me when you knew I’m still asleep??”
He looked at me and didn’t say a word.
He walked closer to me, took the phone from my hand and proceeded to the wardrobe.
“Your dumb secretary actually disrupted my sleep. Betty – Betty with a love emoji” I said sarcastically and folded my hands, but he didn’t react as he focused on the wardrobe.
“Are your ears blocked or something?” I asked again, but the same thing happened.
I gritted my teeth in annoyance and wished I could punch him.
Anyway, its almost time for lectures. So, I guess he’s lucky.
I got coffee – hungry and decided to make one for myself. And on my way to the door, I stopped by his wardrobe.
“You’re a jerk, you know?” I snapped.
“And next time, warn your secretary not to call while I’m asleep else, I’ll fry her fake hair”.
“Gosh. You talk too much” he mumbled just when I was about opening the door and I paused to scoff at him.
I huffed and walked out, headed for the kitchen.
Well, a little introduction;
I’m Mandy Jones – 20 years old.
And 2nd year in college.
Just in case you’re wondering, Leo and I had to get married out of wedlock. Yeah, I call it wedlock because we were forced by our parents.
Although, he’s cute, freaking wealthy – he’s actually the youngest CEO and rules his father’s company. A lot of people actually think I should feel lucky getting married to him. But the truth is, he’s a jerk.
He’s a flirt๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ
F**ks anything in skirt and has broken like a thousand hearts.
He’s f**king rude and snobbish – like you’d seen a while ago. He can be really crazy, but the good news is – I’m crazier.
Yeah….we’re the perfect crazy couples. I don’t take trash from no one.
He’s just as angry as I am about this marriage stuff. I mean, he feels he’s too young and perhaps cute to get married and I feel same as well.
So, we really don’t care about each other. We’re just here for the company. But that doesn’t mean I’m ever gonna take trash for him.
Maybe when the contract is solid enough, we might actually divorce cause he’s a total jerk.
Yeah – a cute jerk.
I finally arrived at the kitchen and met the old witch – Becca. She was Leo’s aunt.
I call her a witch because she acts like one. I mean…it seems she doesn’t like me. But its not like I give a damn anyway. I was actually forced into this damn marriage anyway.
And…don’t mind me. She isn’t really old. She’s actually a young pretty woman. But I still call her an old witch.
Oh!! And just in case you’re wondering, Leo and I are staying with his parents – yeah. The family mansion.
Although, he’s got his own house, we actually think it’s pointless going to leave alone. So, we just share a room here.
Besides, he’s a busy bee. Yeah – always busy with meetings and f**king ugly ladies as well.
Its not like I care, anyway.
“Good morning”, I said to Becca as I stood beside her in front of the kitchen counter.
“Yeah..” Was all she murmured and I looked at her and scoffed.
I rolled my eyes and reached for the tin of cocoa. Although, the maids could easily make the coffee for me, but I preferred doing it myself.
Becca finished up what she was doing and turned around to leave.
But just then, I felt something crazy – something different.
Like..,…I wanna puke.
What’s going on??
I tried covering my mouth, but the urge became strong and I found myself releasing it all on the floor.
Oh my God!
Not on the floor;
But on Becca’s legs.
She gasped and looked at me in shock. Then, at her legs.
Hold on;
Why the hell did I throw up????
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๐Ÿ‘’My Pregnant
(Young Crazy Couples๐Ÿ˜‚)
A short romance – comedy story.
Episode 2
By: Faith Lucky
Mandy’s Pov:
“Whaaaaat???” The witch shirked in shock as she stared at her stained legs.
Holy crap!
“What the hell is this?? I mean…are you blind or something? Why the f**k did you have to puke on my legs??” She bickered while I tried to regain myself.
“I’m….I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t do it on purpose” I replied tiredly and touched my forehead which was beginning to feel hot already.
Why did I throw up? Could I be sick or something? I couldn’t recall the last time I threw up this early.
Two maids came rushing in.
“You’re so clumsy” Becca snapped and finally walked out.
Gosh! Must this woman be a pest?
“Ma’am….are you alright?” One of the maids asked, coming close.
I just nodded in confusion.
“Um….clean up this mess, okay?” I said to her and hurried out of the kitchen.
What could possibly be wrong? It was so unusual for me to throw up in the morning. Although, I’d been having little headaches and dizziness, but there’s been no feverish feeling. So, why the sudden puke?
Gosh! I didn’t even make the coffee anymore.
I returned to the room and met Mr grumpy already dressed up – looking like a geek gods. Hm.
He was quite attractive, tho. But I didn’t pay attention to him as I walked quietly to the bed and sat on it – thinking.
Yesterday in school, Cassy – my best friend – had told me I was gaining too much weight.
She said my b**bs were growing bigger and so were my a*s. But….
No; its not possible. Its just not possible.
I noticed Leo turned and looked at me and I did same.
He scoffed and looked away. He was probably wondering why I was quiet.
He walked towards me on the bed and his eyes dilated in shock.
“Holy f**k!! You’re on my phone!!” He exclaimed and that was when I noticed I was sitting on his phone.
Oh my God!
I stood up immediately, but he didn’t touch the phone.
“Like….seriously? Has your a*s become dumb, you couldn’t notice you were sitting on a god-damn phone??” He queried and I just sighed.
If only he knew my problem was bigger than the God-damn phone!
“Have you lost your tongue, Mandy? I’m talking to you!” He rasped further.
“How on earth do I move around with a phone that’s been…..”
“Gosh? You talk too much, Leo. Get rid of your tongue” I snapped at him and walked away to the bathroom.
I sighed as I got in and leaned my back against the door. Then, I heard the door from the room open and guessed Leo had left.
Oh God! I really hope I don’t fall sick.
I was beginning to feel a little weak. And I don’t even have appetite. Gosh!
I was about putting some paste on my tooth brush when I heard my phone ringing from the room.
I rushed out to get it and felt relieved when I saw it was Cassy.
Ah! I just needed someone to talk to.
“Hi, baby”, she beamed on the phone as soon as I picked up.
“Good morning, Cassy” I greeted tiredly.
“Yeah…morning. Are you…okay? You’re sounding like a drowning cat” she said and chuckled.
“Anyway, I called to check up on you. Getting ready for classes, huh?” She further asked.
“Well,I don’t think I’m fine. I actually threw up a while ago” I replied and could notice the surprise on her.
“You….you puked??” She asked and I nodded like she could see me.
“I think I’m sick” I added when she didn’t make any comment.
“Hold on, bae. When was the last time you saw your flow?” She asked and I glanced at the ceiling.
“Um….I think it’s heading to two months now. But…you know my cycle misbehaves at times and….”
“You…you told me you had S*x with Leo, right? Two months ago?” She asked and I cringed.
“Well, yes” I replied bashfully.
I seriously hated thinking about it.
It was actually a mistake.
It was his parents’ anniversary party and we both ended up drunk. So, it happened.
But the next morning, he apologized to me, I accepted and we moved on like nothing ever happened. Besides, I wasn’t a v*rgin and I guess that was part of the reason he didn’t take it seriously.
“You guys didn’t use protection during the inter course, right?” Cassy further asked and at that moment, I was beginning to freak out.
“Of…of course, we didn’t. We didn’t plan it, Cassy. We were both drunk”.I replied anxiously.
“Oh my God, Mandy!” She exclaimed.
“You’re pregnant!”
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๐Ÿ‘’My Pregnant
(Young Crazy Couples๐Ÿ˜‚)
A romance – comedy story.
Episode 3
By: Faith Lucky
Mandy’s Pov:
I flinched as the phone nearly fell off my ears.
What the hell is she talking about?
“Check it out, Mandy. Can’t you fix the puzzle?? You’re….”
“Fix what puzzle? Have you finally lost your mind, Cassy? How can you utter such words??” I fired angrily at her.
Well, at that moment, I was panicking.
“For Christ sake, Mandy. What else could it mean? The last time you had s*x was two months ago. And the last time you saw your cycle was two months ago!
“You started experiencing light headaches, dizziness, weight addition, b**bs and a*s enlargement. And now, you threw up! You f**king threw up. What else could it mean, huh? Do you think its just a coincidence??” She spoke enthusiastically, while I remained completely speechless on the phone.
No; she’s got to be kidding me.
I kept mute and didn’t say a word as I drowned in an ocean of thoughts.
“Hey; Mandy?” Cassy called when I kept mute for a long time.
I blinked rapidly and shook my head.
“Uh….I’ll just get ready for school” I replied, dazed and ended the call.
Good lord!
I kept the phone on the bed and sank my fingers into my hair.
No; this can’t be happening. I….I can’t believe it. I mean…..there’s Noway I can be pregnant.
Hell no.
For that jerk????
I paced around the room, my hands at akimbo.
This is just not possible; not possible at all.
No; I’m not taking it.
I exhaled deeply and turned around, returning to the bathroom.
After freshening up, I wore something nice and left the room.
Getting to the sitting room, I met Leo’s mum at the dining and threw a casual greeting at her.
“Good morning, ma’am” I said without looking at her.
I had so many things going through my f**king mind.
“Good morning, Mandy. How was your night?” She replied genially as I continued walking away.
“ was fine” I said under my breath.
“Uh….why don’t you join me for breakfast, huh?”
“I’m fine. Thanks” I managed a frail smile and finally walked out of the house.
I got into my car and took the backseat while my driver took the front.
Okay; I guess I really really need to get rid of these doubts.
“Jonas” I called his name and he turned slightly to look at me.
“Yes, ma’am”.
I sighed and glanced at the roof.
I think I need to do this.
“I want you to take me to…….”
Leo’s Pov:
“Are these all the files?” I asked the blonde lady as she stood ecstatically in front of me.
Were my eyes deceiving me? Or her dress is excessively short today?
“Yes, sirrr. Those are all the files”, she replied seductively and winked.
Hmph. It was obvious she was tryna gain my attention.
At some point, I thought of turning her over and fixing my c#ck into her asshole.
“Okay. You can leave” I told her as I began flipping through the pages of the files.
“Okay, sir. But… there any other thing you might need?” She asked and I lifted my eyes to see a desperate woman.
Hm. Seriously?
I stared at her without saying a word and she smiled and stood up to leave.
“What color of p*nt are you putting on?” I asked and she stopped to look at me.
I could notice her eyes beam.
“Um…, I guess” she shrugged.
“Red?” I repeated.
“Are you sure? Would you….mind if I confirmed?”
“Of course, not sir” she laughed.
Gosh! Ladies are so bitchy, huh? More reasons I love to f**k them mercilessly.
F**k and dump.
Without hesitation, she unzipped her skirt and started pushing it down her waist.
I leaned back on my chair and enjoyed the view.
Her heavenly shape got revealed as she finally took the skirt off her legs and indeed, she was putting on a red colored p*nt.
“Isn’t that beautiful (” I hushed and signalled on her to come closer and of course, she did.
“Take off the p*nt, Amanda. I shouldn’t tell you every single thing, should I?” I said.
“Of…of course, sir. I’m sorry” she apologized foolishly and took the p*nt off without a second thought.
Her pe*vic area was so hairy.
With an unexpected speed, I stood up and turned her over to lean on the table, positioning her a*s to face me properly.
She giggled a little at the speed I’d used.
I unzipped my trouser and brought out my rod and roughly, I forced it into her a*shole
“Ouch!” She winced when the deep penetration hurt like hell.
She sure didn’t expect it.
I pushed my whole size into her tight hole and could feel it tearing up.
“Sir…!” She grunted.
“F**k up, bitch!” I snarled and started drilling into her in accordance with my hunger.
I held her waist with both hands and f*”ked the hell outta her.
“Oh my God…!
She played rhymes in my ears and it only made me increase my speed.
Suddenly, the door went open and my jaws dropped in shock.
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๐Ÿ‘’My Pregnant
(Young Crazy Couples๐Ÿ˜‚)
A romance – comedy story.
Episode 4
By: Faith Lucky
Leo’s Pov:
I pulled outta the bitch immediately and fixed my rod back into my pocket.
“Dad?” I called in surprise.
He stopped by the door and stared at me with a look of disgust.
The bitch was already standing straight and adjusting her skirt.
I gave her a stern look and nobody told her to run out of the office
“Dad!” I called again.
“You…you didn’t tell me you were coming”.
Well, he was actually the busy type and had other things to handle.
“Seriously Leo? Having s*x with a worker in the office?” He asked as he started walking in.
Oh crap!
“Besides, aren’t you married? Do you really have to sleep around?”
“Married?” I scoffed.
“To who exactly, dad? To that rude, stubborn lady? Are you kidding me?”
He sighed and took a seat, across the table.
“Well, if you wanna be a man whore, then take it outside my company! I don’t want you to screwing the workers here and taking advantage of them” he rasped.
“Seriously?? Taking advantage of who? For your information, dad. They’re the ones taking advantage of my handsomeness because they keep throwing themselves cheaply at me” I said with an eye roll.
“I’ve made myself clear, Leo.
“Anyway, I didn’t just come here to check up on you. I’m here to give you an important announcement” he said and placed a piece of paper in front of me.
I read it without touching it and my eyes dilated in shock immediately.
“Whaaaaaat???” I shrieked.
“What the….? Are you kidding me, dad??”
Mandy’s Pov:
I sat anxiously in the doctor’s office, awaiting his return.
Gosh! I never thought I could be so nervous in my entire life. My hands were damn sweaty.
Regularly, I took in deep breaths, trying to reduce the pressure.
What if it turns out positive? What then would I do?
Gosh! I just hope it wasn’t true.
Shortly, the door opened and the doctor came in.
Ahh! That moment.
I saw him holding an envelope and my heart skipped, guessing it might be the test results.
“Sorry, I took long, ma’am” he said but I didn’t respond as my eyes were glued to the paper.
He went over and took his seat on the other side of the table and finally, he stretched out the envelope to me.
“That’s the result”.
I collected it from him and slowly, started opening it.
I brought the piece of paper out and started unfolding it.
“Congratulations, ma’am”. He said.
“You’re two months pregnant”
My hands froze as I lifted my face to look at him.
Oh my God!
He smiled so happily like it was some sort of goodnews.
I lowered my eyes slowly to the paper, unfolded it and took a look at the results myself. And for Christ sake, it was positive!!
F**king positive!
Oh my God!
I was pregnant!!!
I gasped and covered my mouth with my palm.
“Congratulations ma’am. The baby’s gonna be so lucky, having such wonderful parents” the doctor commended with a smile, but I was speechless.
I stood up quietly with my bag, my eyes fixed sy a particular spot.
“Uh….doctor” I tried getting a grip of myself.
‘Id….id really appreciate it if you don’t tell anyone about this”.
He looked surprised at first.
“Well…..Well, of course. That’s part of our policy. But….wouldn’t you want your husband to know about this?” He asked and I simply shook my head.
I fixed the paper into my bag and walked out of the office without uttering any other word.
What do you think Leo’s father must’ve shown him?
And what would Mandy’s next course of action be?๐Ÿค”
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๐Ÿ‘’My Pregnant
(Young Crazy Couples๐Ÿ˜‚)
A romance – comedy story.
Episode 5
By: Faith Lucky
Leo’s Pov:
I stood on my feet, facing dad as he made to leave.
“This is really not funny, dad. Really not funny. I just hope you don’t ask me to sacrifice myself for the company one day” I said, rather pissed off, but trying so hard to watch my tongue.
“Whatever you want to call it, Leo. You’re my only son and should be ready for all these” he replied.
“Oh! Crap” I muttered under my breath with an eye roll.
He started towards the door and I escorted him.
“See you soon. Bye” he said as he opened the door.
“Yeah…bye” I replied rather begrudgingly and watched him leave.
Oh! Shit!
I sighed frustrated and returned to my office seat, plonking myself deep on it.
I really can’t believe this. I think I need something to calm me down.
I reached for my phone and dialed Betty’s line – my personal secretary. And thank goodness, she picked up immediately.
“Get me a cold glass of wine, Betty” I told her and ended the call, not waiting for a reply.
Well, what could she possibly want to say? None of the workers object me.
In less than 120 seconds, she was in my office with the wine and I wondered if she was Clark Kent.
“Here it is, sir” she said in that calm voice of hers as she held it out to me.
I collected it and gulped massively from it .
Ah! Just what I needed.
Betty sat on the edge of the table.
Well, she was the only worker in the entire f**king company with so privilege.
“You look really tensed, sir”, she said after a pause.
Her voice was so f**king cool. Could turn a man on.
“What did your father tell you this time around, huh?” She chuckled lightly.
She drew invisible lines with her hand on the table.
“Never mind” I mumbled under my breath and drank from my wine again.
She smiled and looked down.
“Well….is there something I can do to help?” She asked seductively and I felt my rod jerk right there in my trousers.
“Actually” I dropped the glass on the table.
“I think a blow job might help”.
She smiled and climbed down from the desk, then moved closer to me.
“With all pleasure, sir”, she hushed.
She knelt in front of me and I gave her access to my belt.
Mandy’s Pov:
As I sat at the backseat on my way to school, so many thoughts kept flying through my head.
I placed my hand on my tummy and still couldn’t believe I was pregnant.
I was f**king pregnant. For that jerk!!
Oh my God!
I squeezed my tummy tight, wishing there was a way I could feel the baby.
Oh God! How did this happen??
It was just one intercourse.
One f**king intercourse and his stupid sp*rm got me pregnant.
Well, what do I expect from a womanizer??
He f**ks every single thing in skirt and as a result, his organs has become too active.
I felt like punching him in the face. .
How dare he get me pregnant at such early age? And for someone like him?
Oh my God!
What do I do?? I couldn’t believe I had his baby growing inside of me.
Soon, the car drove pass the classic school gate and I spotted Cassy already waiting for me.
Thank goodness.
“Bye, ma’am” Jonas waved at me.
“Bye” I muttered weakly as I left the car with my bag.
“Mandy!” Cassy called as soon as she spotted me and came running to me immediately.
I stopped walking when she got close.
“Hey;” she held my shoulders.
“Are you alright? What’s wrong?”
The glum on my face had increased that I felt I was gonna cry.
“I went to the hospital Mandy”, I whimpered.
“I went for the test…..the pregnancy test. It was positive, Mandy. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant”.
Normally, the Cassy I know would jump on her feet and be like “I told you! I told you!”
But considering my mood, the way I wept, she couldn’t help but hug me.
“Oh! Mandy” she cooed as she held me tight.
“I told you, didn’t I?”
Yeah, she still had to make the statement.
“Oh God! Its okay, girlfriend”.
“And the worst part is, I can’t even eat. I….I mean, I don’t have appetite and I haven’t eaten as little as a cockroach since the break of dawn” I said tearfully as we unlocked from the hug.
“Huh? You haven’t eaten?” She asked, staring into my face and I nodded like a baby.
“That is bad for your health, Mandy. What would you like to eat?” She asked.
“I….I don’t know” I whimpered and fondled with my nails.
“I don’t have an appetite, Cassy. But…but I think I can go with some hamburgers, and….and chips, then with a little bagel and cream cheese. I….I want the cheese to be really creamy..”
She let go of my shoulders and stared at me like I was spitting gibberish.
“You want all of that???” She exclaimed.
“Yes, Cassy. Didn’t I tell you I wasn’t having appetite? Please, get them for me before I burst into tears. I’m so tired already. I’ll be waiting beside the garden” I said and sniffed and she blinked rapidly.
“Well….if you say so. I’ll get them. Just wait for me” she replied and started walking away.
“And…and add some strawberries if you see one” I said after her and she turned to look at me in disbelief.
I wiped the tears off my face and walked away to await her in the garden.
“So, what do you wanna do about it, Mandy?” Cassy asked as we sat opposite each other in the garden.
She’d been able to get every single thing I’d ordered for.
Oh! Except the strawberries.
“Well, I don’t know, Cassy” I said lowly, taking a big lump of hamburger.
“I still can’t believe I’m pregnant. Like…in a few months from now, I’ll be having a baby in my arms. Gosh” I rolled my eyes.
“And to think its for that jerk – that big time player. That’s the part that drives me more crazy. How on earth do I cope?? He treats me like I’m a total stranger and I bet he isn’t gonna want this baby. Like….can he even be a father?”
“Don’t say that, Mandy” she cut in.
“You need to tell him about it first and see his reaction”.
I sighed, depressed.
This is not funny.
“It was just one intercourse, Cassy” I said.
“Just one intercourse and he got me pregnant. How do I live with the fact that I’m pregnant for such a jerk? Such an arrogant,grumpy, mannerless player? What if the baby takes after him? And…how is he gonna take the news in the first place? What if he thinks I’m lying? Or…..asks me to get rid of the baby? Or….
“Gosh! I don’t even know, Cassy. But that guy is a jerk and I still can’t believe I’m pregnant for him” I hit my hands on the table.
There was a brief silence.
“So, what do you want to do, Mandy? Do you want to terminate the pregnancy?” She asked.
“What??? Hell no! Kill my own baby??? That’s never gonna happen, Cassy. He might be the baby of a jerk, but I’m no murderer” I shook my head vigorously.
“So, what is your next course of action? You need to tell him about it, Mandy. Pregnancy isn’t a thing you can keep hidden. The bump would definitely betray you. So, let it out”
I stopped eating and itched my head.
I felt like crying again.
I stood up and started pacing up and down.
“So…how do I do it?” I asked.
“Do I just walk up to him and be like…*hey! You’re about to become a father. I’m pregnant for you?*
“How exactly should I do it, Cassy? That boy is damn too arrogant and trust me, I ain’t gonna take no shit from him If he gives me a stupid reply or attitude”.
She sighed and took my phone from the table.
“Hey; what are you doing?” I asked as I stopped walking and faced him.
“What else? I’m calling your hubby” she replied.
She knew my password and I watched her in amusement as she dialed his line and put the call on speaker.
Oh my God! It was ringing!!
My eyes beamed and my throat became dry as I listened to it beep.
And finally, he picked up.
Holy Crap!!
“Mandy?” I heard him call.
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