March 7, 2021


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Smoke-Kid Prologue

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📰COMPOSED by📰: Sammy X
Harry Peter is a seventeen year old Student with a reasonably happy life not until the death of his parents.
He was one of the popular student at Keystone High School for his looks which made everyone conclude that he was actually Harry Potter not Peter.
Always had that Harry Potter’s glasses on his face.
Harry’s Friends were one of the funniest being on earth as occasional bought wands for him to cast spells with the saying that he was Harry Potter.
After the mysterious killing of his parent, Harry lived with his Grandfather who was a former genetic engineer.
During his stay at Mr. Geoffrey, his grandfather’s place Harry got to discover that he was still into science experiment and helped an influential Laboratory in the City.
He didn’t care about it as he adapted to the new absence of his parents.
Harry suffered asthma which he always fought with since he was a child, he also made sure he had his inhaler with him not until he arrived at his Grandpa’s place.
Mr. Geoffrey injects 💉 him with a drug which could keep him stable for a week and he neglected the use of the inhaler.
That fateful day Mr. Geoffrey left for the mall and Harry got attacked by asthma, he couldn’t find his inhaler so he found his way into his grandpa’s room where he injects himself with the drug. He became stable but only if he knew that was a different drug not meant for him.
Coming out of deep sleep the next day Harry discovers he now has the ability to transform his body into a smoke.
With this new ability he could act like gasses, pass through wherever he wanted, fly around plus super natural strength.
Harry chose to keep this new ability hidden from everyone, his friends and especially his grandfather but when new threats arises in the city Harry chose to make a difference.
By day he’s an ordinary student at Keystone High School and Night, he’s something else….The Smoke-Kid..
_______Coming Soon__________
This story is gonna be quite action packed so tighten your seat belt as we take a ride.
As you all know Sam, your comments always encourages me to put more spice in stories so it’s actually your choice whether to fuel me with comments…
You could drop your thoughts about this story let me see those who are ready.

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