March 2, 2021


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Bad Boy's Next Door Episode 1

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💘 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪
[ Crazy Neighbors 😝.]
👑 Episode 1 👑
By : Summer Gold
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
” Vanessa dear,,, are you ready??!! ” Mom called from downstairs
” Yes mom!! I will be there in a minute ” I shouted
I took a last glance at my precious room and smile,, I am really gonna miss it so much. I will also miss my school and my friends, but I don’t have a choice.
I am Vanessa Torres,, 16 years old. My father just got transferred from here so we have to relocate from America to Philippines right away . I wonder how life is gonna be since I’ve never been there before.
It’s not really nice to leave everything behind,, but we don’t have a choice.
” Hey baby,,, come on let’s leave. You are getting a better room in the Philippines ” Stanley, my elder brother said with a smirk, older with two years anyway
” Fuck off ” I snapped and carried my bag heading out
” Missing your boyfriend already? ” he asked as we climb down the stairs
” Stanley,, how many time do I have to tell you this. I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t have a crush either ” I said and rolled my eyes
Am sure he’s not gonna take that as a yes
” Whatever,, let’s leave ” He said
” You are missing your friends right? ” Dad said touching my cheek
” No dad,, let’s leave already ” I said and walked to the car
” But dad,, how about our other cars and belongings? ” Stanley asked,, am sure he asked for his own good.
Such a player I have as a brother,, I don’t blame girls who fall for him easily anyway
He’s so cute,, brown hair. And also tall,,,
” Are you sure the girls are hot like the American? ” he asked in a whisper
” Shut up,, player ” I said and put on my headphone
” Such a nerd I have as a sister ” he scoff
” I heard that, the music isn’t on yet ” I said
” So what? ” he asked
” Am not a nerd,, am not even using glasses and I wear hot clothes ” I said
” Boyfriend? ”
” Oh stop,, I don’t need a boyfriend. Okay???! ” I said half yelling
” kids can you stop the argument??? ” Mom yelled
I rolled my eyes and put on my headphone back,,, I closed my eyes as I listen to my favorite artist. Nicki Minaj,, gosh she’s just the best.
I hope the Philippians are nice,,
” Hey baby, wake up ” I heard Stanley tapping me softly
” Are we there? ”
“Get your flat ass out of the car right now ” he said
” Gosh,, stop calling me that. The stuff is,,,,, “.
” Getting bigger? ” he winked
” You are definitely crazier than I think ” I said and got out
A wow escape my lips as I looked up at the building in front of me,, so awesome. It’s so beautiful
” Am sorry if you expect something bigger than this ” Dad said
” Dad,,, you. This is awesome ” I said
” Yeah it is ” mom replied and peck her husband, Stanley and I chuckle and started walking toward the house.
” How do you feel about this? ” I asked
” Still waiting for my car so I can rock around, maybe I will see a hot leg ” he said
” Gosh, you disgust me ” I said and walked faster
” Am sorry, it’s a joke ” He said running after me
” You sure love to annoy me right? ” I smiled
” Absolutely ” he said and laughed
I went straight upstairs with my luggage,, I searched for a suitable room for myself.
It’s a room painted in pink,, wow. You are mine already,, I sat down on the soft bed and chuckles. Finally.
I laid my back on the bed softly,, I better take a warm bath. I slip out of my dress immediately and walked into the bathroom.
Wow so beautiful,,, I moan as the water splash on my body.
After am done, I went back to the room and put on my pajamas,, I will just arrange the room tomorrow.
I laid my back on the bed trying to sleep but the damn sleep refused to come.
I stood up and went to the window, I opened it and just a little space is another window facing mine.
How can they build houses so close to each other? I can just jump into the room through this window.
Suddenly someone opened the window,,, it’s a guy around my age. He look so cute with his wet hair,, maybe he’s just coming from the bathroom?
Idiot Vanessa, see water all over him!!
And then the stupid boy smirk and walked out of the room,,,
I scoff,,, who is he anyway
” Vanessa dear!! ” I heard mom shouting
” Yes mommy ” I shouted and rushed downstairs before another call
” Yes mom ”
” You should go put on something nice,,, we are going to the next door. We need to greet our neighbors right? ” mom said
I exchanged eye contact with Stanley immediately
” But mom ”
” Go baby ” dad said.
I mumbled something I don’t know and walked to my room. I took my phone and checked the time,, gosh its 7:00 pm.
I thought it’s 11:00 already,, I hissed and finally find something to put on.
Just a jacket and a trouser,,, not somewhere really important right? Mom can be annoying sometimes
likes to unlock next episode 😘

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