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Bad Boys Baby Episode 1

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Bad boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Episode 1
Written by Kebby NG

Christ’s POV
“Charlie be fast damn you’re as slow as a snail” I yelled at him.
“Oh shut the f**k up. You can’t just wait to see your bit*h that’s it” he replied climbing down the stairs.
“Where is chase by the way?” He inquired.
“He’s been waiting in the damn car all day for your stupid slow a*s” I groaned and turned headed for the door.
“You two aren’t serious. Its not as if we’re attending or ball or something. Its just a foolish house party” he snapped from behind but I ignored him.
I got out and went into the car, taking the position of the driver.
I seriously can’t let charlie drive today. His just too slow in everything.
He got in from the other side of the car and sat beside me.
Chase was listening to music as usual and didn’t say anything as I ignited the car engine.
He barely talks anyways. His the baby of the house.
I drove out of the compound and turned to the left.
“Hmm I think some people are gonna be leaving in this house. We’re gonna be having a new neighbour” Charlie said and I looked out.
My eyes caught a pretty blonde hair girl that was carrying a carton.
“Natalie, come on” the woman who seems like her mom shouted to her and she turned around.
“Whoops! Are you kidding me?” Charlie asked starring at the girl’s back side.
“Oh my! Is she an angle or what?”
“With that beauty she still has big ass” he added and I continued starring at her loosing focus on the road.
“What the f**k!!” Chase yelled from the back and tapped me.
I looked at the front and saw a van driving towards our direction in full speed.
I quickly diverted my hand to the right side to avoid a clash and the van drove away.
“Shit! Do you want to get us killed? What were you thinking of?” Chase yelled again from the back.
“That ass distracted him, that I’m sure of” Charlie said laughing.
I rolled my eyes at him and started driving again this time with full concentration.
And in case you wanna know us.
My name is Christ and chase is my younger brother.
Charlie is my cousin and we three live together with my parents.
Charlie is a year older than me and I’m a year older that chase.
People say chase is actually the most handsome amongst us and I don’t doubt that.
His handsomeness is a waste because he doesn’t look at girls. He just stays curled up in his room everyday expect we force him to come with us and another thing about him is that he loves music more then me and Charlie I guess.
Charlie on his own likes girls especially girls with big b*o*s and backside and he has a lot of girlfriends.
Well I am the master of them all. I love girls and I love to f**k a lot.
I am cute, like am not the average handsome guy. The only person in the world that is more handsome than me is obviously chase.
His just the only one.
But unfortunately he doesn’t really blend with it.
Tho I have a personal bit*h which I pretend to love but the only need for her is her p***y.
Yea, her juicy p***y and she knows it.
I can’t remember a day that passed that I didn’t screw a girl. I’ve screwed almost all the ladies in Top hill high.
None of them is difficult to get tight with. Just with a touch and their p*n*s are wets.
I parked when I have finally gotten to the house.
Drake’s house. Yea Drake’s is my best friend and his throwing a house party in which everyone at high school is gonna be attending.
I can’t just wait. I can’t wait to get into someone.
We got down from the car and there was Drake.
“Buddy” he called and we hugged each other.
“Yo! How is it going man?” I asked throwing my arm around his neck.
He also held me as we went into his house.
His just lucky that he lives alone. So he throws party whenever he wants.
“You know you’re the one that lights up a party so we’ve all been waiting for you to show up.”
“Everything is set. Even your bit*h arrived early” he cooed.
We got in and received shouts from people.
They were mostly hailing me.
Bottles of drinks were all over the place waiting to be taken.
I picked up a champagne and popped it open and everyone screamed.
Bit*h*’s were rolling their a*s all over the place and I wish I could just grab em all at once and screw them.
“Baby” I heard that familiar voice from the back call and I licked my lips and sipped in little quantity of champagne before turning to look at her.
My bit*h.
“Sugarplum” I kissed her wet lips and took my free hand to her exposed butt and held it tightly.
We kissed for a while and she took her hand to my shirt and wanted unbuckling it there in front of everyone but I stopped her.
“Hold on babe” I managed to say and shifted away from her.
I gulped down large quantity from the champagne and music started playing.
Charlie was already surrounded by his chicks waiting to be screwed. He pretends as if he doesn’t like f**k*ng em but the truth remains that he loves it.
And chase…
Girls were trying to get close to him but he always chase them away.
Gosh its like girls disgust him or what?
I took my bit*h whose name is lily and made for the guest room unknowing to me that one of her friends were following us.
I got to the guest room and the girl ran in and locked the door.
Lily rolled her eyes at her but couldn’t do anything since they were friends but seriously I don’t understand girl’s rule at all.
Lily quickly took off her clothes leaving just her pant and bra and she jumped on me kissing me again.
I slowly moved to the bed and laid her on it and started planting hot kisses on her neck, her tummy, her legs and all other sweet parts.

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